Fast Track

FAST TRACK is a customized stretch fabric system which includes a sound absorption material concealed within the perimeter or the track frame, over which the decorative fabris is stretched and locked in the position.

It used to reduce reverberated sound and enchance listening in conference room, studio recording room, band room, home theatre, auditorium, and public area.

The Fast Track system has the unique locking mechanism ensures high tension of the fabric and eliminates the possibly of sagging.

Fabric can be cleaned in-site like any other upholstery products. Alternatively, fabric can be easily unclipped and removed for cleaning, redecorating or cycling of seasonal or themed printed fabrics.

The Fast Track acoustic substate will not flatten or twist and supports the hanging of wall art and other light objects. Additional design elements such as shadow lines and lighting can be incorporated. The ‘tackable’ substrate can be used as a pinboard in a threatment rooms to mount chats and other printed material.

On-site installation of the Fast Trackovercomes problem of prefabricated panels. Perfect alignment with adjacent architectural features and fittings is assured by the customized installation by factory trained personnel.

Fast Track Excellence Fabric Stretch System

  • Facilitate the installation of Fabric.
  • Removing and Replacing the Fabric makes it easy for the clean, if there is damage or alter the color changing fabric design.
  • Installation workmanship or accelerate faster.
  • Makes it easy to make panels in various shapes and sizes.
  • Allows the creation of long fabric panel without a break.
  • Fabric adjust the length of material.