Wood Slat

From Concept To Complete Ion

Lime green or lemon yellow, warm bamboo or a cool maple, add to this layers of depth and design transition and your room becomes a work of art. We produce to exacting specifications, with both precision and thoughtfulness, whether tasked to achieve standard solutions or the most custom. Our design engineers and expert craftsmen are ready to meet virtually any requirement, and we would be honored to help bring your concept to masterful completion.

  1. Finishes : Melamine, Wooden Veneer, Fireproof Surface, Painting.
  2. Acoustic Tissue : Black Felt attached on the back for fireproof and soundproof.
  3. Specification : L2440 mm x W 128 mm
  4. Thickness : 15 mm
  5. Tolerance : Width is 0.1 mm, Length is 2 mm
  6. Colour : Choose as to our colour sample or made on your kindly request.
  7. Theory : Grooved on front and perforated on back of the panel with concealed system (for instalation), it usually used on the wall to absorb sound and reduce noise.


KTV, Theaters, Hotel, Business Office, Banks, Multifunction Hall, Television Station, Recording Studio, Private Living Room, Meeting Rooms, Music Hall, Museum, Large Entertainment City, Advanced Villa, Auditorium, Library, Courts.


  1. Technology Products: Remarkable sound-absorbing function, Middle & low frequency sound-absorbing effects.
  2. Art Products: Natural wood grain, based on natural tree, provided a good visual effects.
  3. Green Products: Low levels of formal dehyde, natural fragrant wood.