CELTIC Spray-On Acoustic & Thermal Insulation is the most Environmental friendly of insulation in the market today. CELTIC manufacturing consists a modern processing technology. A natural fibers which mixed with a specific amount of fire-retardant, pest repellent, fungus & bacterial protections are controlled under industrial standar regulations are controlled under industrial standar regulations to ensure CELTIC is safe to use for home appliance.

CELTIC offers a wide range of products suitable for acoustic & thermal applications by utilizing, CELTIC can be installed from 17 mm to 50 mm without mechanical support on the ceiling applications.

On wall applications the installation up to 100 mm can be easily done.

The spray application of CELTIC have the advantage of eliminating voids, gaps and compressions which occur together with the application of with prefabricated insulations such as rockwool & glasswool. The monolithic coating result in CELTIC has an outstanding field performance.

Application Area

A. Cellulose Spray Application on Metal Roof, Drywall Ceilling & Concrete Deck


With the abbility to reduce sound up to 95% (with 50 mm thickness at 1000-4000 Hz), CELTIC in exposed application will reduce echoes/reverberations in a room significantly. This result is a more comfortable working environment providing greater utilization of the building (with the capability of reducing overall noise level over 6-15 dB inside a room) the exposed application had been applied in many different building projects including the house of worships, schools, auditoriums, sport facilities, factories, television studios, recording studios, and home theaters. This high acoustical absorption has met the ASTM (American Standard Testing Material) standard.

CELTIC Metal Roof Application

With 30 mm thickness under metal roof, CELTIC Cellulose spray can reduce rain noise up to 19dB.


The independent field tests comparing CELTIC and glasswool application in buildings of identical construction showed that CELTIC sprayed 25mm thick on metal deck out-performed 50 mm thick of glasswool. The savings difference between the buildings has exceeded 2400 KWH per month. The field tests demonstrate that when applied correctly, a 38 C outdoor temperature can be are reduced to as low as 30 C at indoor floor level areas. In hot climates, CELTIC will reduce Air conditioning bills up to 40%. This product is available in grey color.

B. Cellulose Spray Between Drywall Partition

CELTIC applied as a sound barrier will give excellent STC (Sound Transmission Criteria) for walls and floors, limiting any sound transfers between rooms and from entering surrounding environments. This is ideal for offices, hotels or conference rooms located adjacent to noisy areas. STC ratings from 38 to over 50 can be easily  achieved with CELTIC wall cavity applied. Acoustical enclosures can also be fabricated and sprayed inside with CELTIC to isolate loud machinery.

Fire Resistant

When used within a wall cavity CELTIC works as a safety barrier against fire spread up to one hour, giving more occupant time to egress from the building or structure and minimizing the fire damages.

C. Cellulose Blow in Spray Above Ceiling or Attic

When applying acoustic or thermal insulation aboce the ceiling, with the installation speed up to 600 m2 per 8 hours, there is no better choice that CELTIC Loose-Fill ceiling cavity spray compared with any other insulation on the market today. TO increase its insulation performance, CELTIC is usually applied to a thickness of 100 mm with a light adhesive. In this type of application CELTIC becomes a very cost effective solution for high performance acoustical & thermal insulation as well as to reduce the energy usage up to 40%.

Available Colors

The product is available in various of color with an attractive finishing combined with high-bond strength patented adhesive which makes it a long -life and exceptional durability.

  • Gray
  • White
  • Black


  • Recyclable
  • Fire Resistant
  • Termites Resistant
  • Saves Energy
  • Non Hazardous
  • Fungi Resistant
  • Noise Reduction
  • Fast Installation
  • Non Irritant

Range of Applications

  • Studio
  • House of Worship
  • School
  • Malls
  • Karaoke
  • Auditorium
  • Cinema
  • Factories